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To the man who Im gonna love next.
Before you ask me out, I want you to know some things about me first.
People tried to hurt me before. They tried to break my heart. They made me think that love is cruel and painful. But Im still here believing that it is the most beautiful thing in the world and its worth taking the risk for.

Yes Im broken. Ive felt so much pain and sorrow. Things left me with scars. But it didnt stop me from loving.
I can never promise you a perfect relationship. I cannot assure you that everyday is a sunshine but I promise to show you the rainbow after the storm. You have to know that I get annoyed and upset a lot, although I dont really show it, but for you, I will try to be understanding. I may give you short replies when were not okay but this doesnt mean that I stopped loving you. Every goodnight and good morning means I love you and Im thinking of you before I sleep at night and get up in the morning.

Im a believer of forever. Yes it sounds cliché or cheesy depending on your point of view. But yes I do believe in forever. I do believe that we are mortals with limited time on earth. We will die someday. Physically. But the love will remain in our hearts forever if it is true.

Im not sure if Ive crossed paths with you already. Im not sure if youre one of those strangers walking among the crowd in the mall last night or if youre one of my closest friends Ive spent time with earlier. Maybe I havent even met you. Maybe weve never walked the same streets yet. Maybe we live in different cities or different time zones.

Maybe were alone right now because it is not yet the time for us. Maybe we have to do a few more homeworks,

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