Artificial Sugar – Define Your Goals Worksheet
Essay Preview: Artificial Sugar – Define Your Goals Worksheet
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Define your goals worksheetNOTE: Please complete the following questions. This saved document along with your calendar screenshot should be submitted for OA 1.1 activity marks.Question 1: What is going to be your ultimate “big picture” goal in regards to assignments in SCI2010?- My biggest goal regarding to assignments in SCI2010 is to get higher marks because the assignments carries a high percentage in the 100% of SCI2010. Question 2: With respect to this big picture goal for SCI2010, what is your motivation for achieving this goal? – I think my best source of motivation is going to lecture and workshop. Through activity and interaction with classmates during the first workshop, I find it quite motivating listening to the instruction of preparation from the tutor as it gives a clear mindset to go on for the next step. Question 3: Separate your big picture goal into sub-goals. These can be what you aim to achieve, or the individual tasks that you need to complete to achieve your goal. Add methods or description and deadlines. Feel free to add more lines to the table. These sub-goals and deadlines need to be recorded on a calendar, see OA 1.1 instructions. Sub-goalMethod/descriptionDeadline1. Keep up to track for lecturesStop procrastinating after the lecture.Every Monday class2. Finish the SCI Quiz 2Understand the lectures and start doing the quiz9/3/20163. Finish Assignment 1aFinish the assignment earlier to avoid any accidental situation.15/3/20164. Sleep constantlySleep earlier to prevent late for any classes.Everyday5. Chill with friendsTo avoid stress as stress is the source of failure for me.Dinner everyday6.7.8. Question 4: Think about and list the resources that you will need, as well as where these will be sourced from.

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