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Essay Preview: Global Warming – Go Green
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Global warming is a touchy issue in the world today. People are either wearing attire marked with the words “Go Green” or skeptically questioning the issue. The worlds leaders need to consider the economy, environment, and most importantly, public opinion when making policies that may affect global warming.

As stated in source E, “global warming is an issue of [] global economics. Whether it has to do with installing a new form of mass public transportation or offering healthier choices at a restaurant (producing junk food emits more greenhouse gasses), fighting against global warming costs money. While some feel the money needs to be spent, others fear the fall of an economy due to the seemingly unnecessary costs associated with global warming. It is the leaders responsibility to decide if their country can handle the price of protecting the planet.

Another priority of leaders should be the environment itself. The visible changes of global warming are perhaps the scariest. An ecologist at Stanfords Center for Environmental Science and Policy states that “some species are going to be changing” (Source F). Citizens need to be aware that if global warming is occurring, humans arent the only species its affecting. Politicians and scientists should raise awareness of the impact of global warming on nature.

As stated in The Nature Conservancy, a quarterly magazine focused on environmental awareness, “[the] protection and restoration of forests may be able to offset up to 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 50 years” (Source A). However, in the area I live, I see large quantities of trees being cut down almost daily. Also there are tons of new housing developments and businesses being built all over the United States. Small communities are growing into larger ones and the demand for lumber and land is drastically increasing. While expanding communities may help reduce greenhouse gasses in a transportation aspect, the amount of lumber used and trees cut down should also be considered when making the decision to build.

Leaders also need to be aware of the public opinion about global warming. In a democratic government, decisions should be based on the majority. Al Gores film, An Inconvenient Truth, was widely criticized by skeptics. However, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and his film widely inspired people to be more involved with the environment. The film didnt impress some people, but the majority of the people were driven by it due to his careful consideration of the audience.

Leaders cannot ignore the issue of global warming. With the right approach, considering the economy, environment, and public opinion, they can create a positive effect. Addressing the issue from any side will gain the attention of citizens and increase awareness of global warming

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