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Merrill Lynch is one of the worlds leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory companies, with offices in 38 countries and territories and total client assets of approximately $1.7 trillion. Merrill Lynch offers a broad range of services to private clients, small businesses, and institutions and corporations, organizing its activities into two interrelated business segments, Global Markets & Investment Banking Group and Global Wealth Management, which is comprised of Global Private Client and Global Investment Management. The Global Wealth Management group is one of the leading providers of a broad range of both proprietary and third-party wealth management products and services globally to individuals, small- and mid-size businesses, and employee benefit plans. The Global Markets & Investment Banking Group is one of the worlds leading providers of institutional sales and trading, investment banking advisory, and capital raising services to corporations, governments, and institutions worldwide.

Smith Barney is a division of Citigroup Global Capital Markets Incorporation, a global, full-service financial firm that provides brokerage, investment banking, and asset management services to corporations, governments, and individuals around the world. In 800 offices, Smith Barneys financial advisors service 9.6 million domestic client accounts representing $1.562 trillion in client assets worldwide. Their clients range from individual investors to small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, non-profit organizations, and family foundations.

Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 and has $717 billion in assets under management, 58,333 employees worldwide, and more than 600 offices in 32 countries. Henry S. Morgan, Harold Stanley, and others left J.P. Morgan and Company to form the investment banking firm of Morgan Stanley. It first opened its doors for business on the nineteenth floor of

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