A Day Made of Glass
A day made of glassThe advantages of this type of future technology in healthcare are the fact that tablets are made anti-microbial, scratch and chemical resistant, thin and light weight, making it easy for doctors to share information easier. These are the properties that make this technology possible and make it so perfect for the job. In hospitals walls can be made of glass to be used as format displays, these wall coverings can be made durable, seamless and touch sensitive. This anti-microbial glass can be used for a multiple of purposes and made to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal resistant making it ideal for not only hospitals but for the home in the prevention of spending germs.  This technology also has the potential of having 3D-optimized glass components, allowing a surgeon to view brain slices in relation to the patient.  The main disadvantage of this future technology is that the system is open to hackers and could potential cause a lot of life loss if the technology was in the wrong hands. This future technology requires less of the human input and could potentially lead to loss of skill within the medical industry. This would cause a loss of jobs as less people are required to do certain tasks. The cost of the technology would be substantial although if managed correctly it could easily become reality.The manufacturing of this technology within the medical industry would have to be done with care as malfunctions would lead to systems breaking and coursing death within the hospital. The environmental impact of using this technology with the main use of glass is much better than the use of plastic which has the same properties regarding the spreading of infections. Plastic is hard to dispose of and the majority of the time can’t be recycled. The use of glass means that it can be recycled and remade into updated technology, although the technology inside the glass maybe harder to dispose of.

The ethics behind this technology are lead to opinion, many people may think that this is a great idea but some may disagree. The trust would have to be built on to get humans and robots, if you call them that, on the same level. Getting people to understand that this new technological advancement is for the greater good and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. Movies and television make out that these new technologies are bad but we live in a society that doesn’t except change. The social interaction of this new technology could have the potential to be better than the interaction between patient and surgeon as stands. The communication as it stands in hospitals is done through the medium of speech, and it is sometimes hard to put into words what is wrong with the patient. With the use of glass as a visual display, the patient can see what is wrong with them instead of being told.On a global scale the use of this technology could prove vital for countries that otherwise wouldn’t get the attention that is needed. With the potential for self diagnosis there is no need to employ people to examine a patient that could be seen to by a scanner and the problem illustrated in front of them. When it comes to finding a specialist that can consult the health problem you it can prove somewhat impossible. With this technology there is no reason why a specialist wouldn’t be able to see a hologram of the patient in concern from the other side of the world.

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