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Before the feminist movement in the 1960s, there was a woman named Gertrude Meth Hochberg who went against all the feminine ideology that that woman belonged in the household. Gertrude was an innovative woman starting with her arrival at Bryant in 1949 when she became the director of public relations. She was dedicated in being a role model for the women students at Bryant and achieved it. She was a lifetime supporter for womens issues. Through her work she was able to attain growing regional and national recognition for Bryant. She promoted the advancement of women in higher education and business at Bryant and within the community. Her work throughout her career at Bryant College promoted the status of women in an era where many women in the United States were still conformed to “the feminine mystique”.

Gertrude Hochberg became the first woman to be selected as Vice President at Bryant University in 1975. She was believed to be a woman of future time. She became the first woman to be selected as National Trustee of the American College Public Relations Association. She was appointed the first chairman of Permanent Advisory Commission on Women in the state of Rhode Island by the Governor in 1971. Gertrude had graduated from Pennsylvania, with a major in journalism. Once she graduated, she worked for her hometown newspaper. Gertrude was very interested in the development and growth of the youth generation. She had helped many students in becoming communications majors. She was a very inspirational woman who liked to help everyone.

Gertrude Hochberg was also a member and director of the State Association of the American Association of University Women. In 1963 she gave the first symposium about the “Status of American Woman”. She was very successful in delivering the speech. She also delivered another seminar on the “Symposium for the Advancement of Women in Business” which congregated the leading women of business, high school seniors and their counselors in 1972 to work in a study and evaluation project at Bryant. By this speech Gertrude was able to raise the attendance of women at Bryant. She had become a very successful woman being appointed to many different positions. She was a member of many organizations and was also involved in many community activities.

Even with all the successful positions that she held, Gertrude was still very attentive to her family. She never lost sight of what was important, which was giving her family love. Even has a working woman, she knew that being a mother was essential and that the home which was the love of family was the true meaning of the American way of life. Gertrudes life shows that the worlds view of women was wrong, as not all women were completely domestic; they were taking on other roles. She was to despite the ideology of the white middle class women. Her life demonstrated how woman could maintain a

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