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In 1933 Germany was in serious turmoil. The economy had crashed, and political parties (mainly communists and fascists) were going at it violently in the streets. A traditional middle class German family would find itself bankrupt after the monetary crisis from 1920s and 30s. Life as they knew it has left them broke, hungry and amongst violence erupting all around them. Then comes this man, a charismatic and amazing speaker. He talks of Germanys problem and places blame on the democratic government, the Jews, communists and the terrible Treaty of Versailles that left their country in its current condition.

I believe that early on Hitler had support because he was able to convince many Germans that he could improve the current situation. Many German families suffered a great deal since the end of WWI. They lived in fear of the growing communists power and their numbers. Especially after the fire in the Reichstag. They saw their government was weak and unable to solve many of Germanys growing problems.

Hitler is named the chancellor and introduces many Germans to the Nazi party. They are given a job in the government with a good salary. Soon order in Germany has been restored, its safe for their families to walk the streets and there are now jobs. The currency problem is fixed. Many were thankful to Hitler for his leadership and what he brought. He enabled them to be proud Germans again.

Why did some Germans oppose the war? Why might they support it?
Everything seemed to be going well in Germany after Hitler took over. Then in 1934 things began to change. Hitler was making efforts to consolidate his power and is ordering the elimination of his rivals. He manages to consolidate the presidential office with the chancellor after the death of President Paul von Hindenberg. He is now the Fuhrer to the German people. By 1939, Germans found themselves in a country that is on the brink of war. Hitler has renounced the Treaty of Versailles, built his military back to where it was and has begun to take back the lands lost. It is at this point were many Germans had to ask themselves, “Do I support this war?”

Those that supported the war probably approved since Poland attacked Germany first. Many were likely caught off guard when Britain and France declared war against Germany. When Poland does surrender they are proud of their nation and are clueless to why there are Germans that dont support the war. It is also possible that people where blinded by this pride (nationalism) that they did not see what was going on behind the curtains (i.e. Jewish extermination and disappearance of non-supporters) They do see that Germany has defeated Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and France in a very short amount of time. Many German war supported probably assumed Britain would agree to peace. In 1941, Germany goes to war with

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