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Pg. 12
Aryans were persons of “German blood.” They were allowed to be German citizens, while most people of “impure blood,” non-Aryans, were not.
The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 forbid any person of “impure blood,” non-Aryans, from becoming German citizens. It also forbid marriages between Jews and Germans (and any persons of Related blood), extra-marital intercourse between Jews and subjects of the state of Germany, Jews could not employ German females under the age of 45, and finally Jews were forbidden to fly the Reich flag or National flag or to display the Reich colors.

Pg. 13
A Jew is a person descended from at least three grandparents who are full Jews by race.
A Mischling is a subject of the state who is considered a Jew if he is descended from two full Jewish grandparents.
Kristallnacht means the “Night of Broken Glass” when translated from German to English. It took place on November 9, 1938. It was the night the Nazis unleashed their “orgy of devastation,” looted/destroyed homes, shops, businesses, burned synagogues, arrested, and killed hundreds of Jews.

Pg. 14
1. Hitler was not only against Jews, but also: Jehovahs Witnesses, Gypsies, and the incurably sick.
2. Special Action Groups, or Einsatzgruppen, were specially trained Nazi commandos who were mobile firing squads. Their job was to gather all the Jews together in their separate cities, strip them of all their valuables, shoot them or gas them to death, and then to throw their bodies in ditches.

3. Hitler and the Nazis chose Poland for the six major death camps because most of the Jews of Eastern Europe were concentrated their and the land was suitable, with so many miles of forests, to hide secret operations.

Pg. 16
Rudolph Hess reported what his orders were in the summer of 1941. He was ordered to “destroy” every Jew he could lay his hands on. He said if the Jews were not destroyed then the Jews will one day destroy the German people.

Pg. 18
1. “Selections” were made by the Nazis. Strong prisoners were separated for labor purposes, while women, children, weak, and elderly were sent in another direction.

In death camps the prisoners were first separated into “selections.” Then they were stripped of all clothes and valuables and their heads were shaved. They were then sent to the showers where a

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