Gerda Wiessmann Klein Foundation
Essay title: Gerda Wiessmann Klein Foundation
Gerda Wiessmann Klein has done much with her life since the holocaust. She has written several books, the most famous one being her first book about her experiences in the holocaust, All But My Life. She has also accepted an oscar in 1995 because of a documentary made about her in the concentration camps, One Survivor Remembers. Gerda’s experience in the concentration camps was without family, as both her parents were killed in Auschwitz, and her brother was sent away to work camps and never heard from again. Gerda transferred to many different camps across Poland, eventually landing in Gruenberg where she and 2,000 other prisoners were sent on the death marches. Gerda Wiessmann was one of the 120 to survive in that march, leading to her liberation shortly after.

During her recuperation, she weighed 68 pounds, and her hair had turned grey, but she had yet to loose her strength. While in the hospital she met and became close to an American solider named Kurt Klein. The two married in Paris in 1946. Since Gerda Wiessmann

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