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Founded in 1927 as a wholesaler of hardwood lumber, Georgia-Pacific (GP) Corporation has grown through expansion and acquisitions to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers and marketers of tissue, packaging, paper, building products and related chemicals. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific employs some 55,000 people at more than 300 locations in North America and Europe. GP is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc., a private company headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Georgia-Pacific’s major product segments are consumer and building products. Consumer products include paper towels and napkins, bath and facial tissue, disposable plates, cups, utensils and other foodservice products, and office printing and copying papers. Building products include plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), gypsum wallboard and related installation materials, lumber, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, hardboard and related chemicals. Georgia-Pacific’s major brands are: Quilted Northern®, Angel Soft®, Brawny®, Sparkle®, Vanity Fair®, Dixie®, Mardi Gras®, Soft n Gentle®, So-Dri®, Embo, Tenderly, KittenSoft, Colhogar and DemakUp as well as Plytanium®, ToughRock® and Blue Ribbon™ OSB.

At Georgia-Pacific, environmental excellence is everybodys business and supports our core value of excellence in all we do. Teamwork brings many different ideas to the table, letting us address environmental issues creatively, share best practices across our more than 300 locations, which makes a difference in the communities we operate in. Georgia-Pacifics success has largely depended on the vitality and quality of life in the communities where we operate and where our employees live. We have no doubt that this critical link with our communities will continue to influence our business success. In 2002 and 2003, Georgia-Pacific and its employees invested more than $11.7 million in community programs. This included cash and product donations in local communities where we operate, and product donations and financial contributions in response to natural disasters and other crises.

Georgia-Pacific Strategic Plan
Georgia-Pacific Corporation is in business to be the leading manufacturer and marketer of disposable paper and related products in domestic and selected international markets. With the development and utilization of superior technologies and recycling capabilities, Georgia-Pacific will maintain a record of above average growth, efficient production, and high levels of self-sufficiency. The company will establish and maintain positive relations with customers, employees, suppliers, the public, and investors. The customer relations will be established by producing high-quality products, superior customer service and value. Employee relations will be established by providing a safe and stable working environment, open communications, opportunities for growth and reward based on achievement. The supplier relations will be established by maintaining purchaser mutually beneficial relationships. The public relations will be maintained by being an organization of high corporate ethics with sensitivity to community needs and environmental concerns. The investor relations will be maintained by being a company that provides sufficient cash flow to meet financial obligations on a timely basis, to fund normal business requirements and capital expansion opportunities, and to grow equity.

Every day at Georgia-Pacific, our 55,000 employees are guided by our values to be safe, maintain the highest integrity, treat everyone with dignity and respect, focus on our customers, and be excellent in all we do. These values translate into actions that help us meet the needs of our customers, our fellow employees, and the communities where we operate. Our values are essential to continuing our progress in promoting an innovative and inclusive work environment, to operating safely, giving back to the communities where we live and work, and supporting a sustainable environment.

Executive Organizational Chart
Executive Leadership Biography
Joseph W. (Joe) Moeller
President and Chief Executive Officer

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