Geographical Uruguay
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Geographical Uruguay
Uruguay is a small country located south of Brazil and East of Argentina on the south
American continent. With a grand total of 3.5 million people, Uruguay is one of the least populated
countries in Latin America. The growth rate has been almost non-existent in Uruguay with the
current rate at less than half a percent. At the current rate Uruguay would not double their
population for another 150 years.
Geographically it can be located at 33 00 S, 56 00 W. Uruguay covers a total of 176,220
square kms. Relative to the United States one can grasp the size geographically by comparing
Uruguay in size with the State of Washington. Uruguay is the second smallest country in Uruguay
second only to Suriname. Being located in between Brazil and Argentina many people refer to
Uruguay as solely a province of the larger countries.
The weather in Uruguay is generally a warm temperate climate with rare freezing
temperatures. Snow and hail are very rare if they ever do occur. The rolling plains account for
almost all of the geographic makeup of the oriental county. Many of Uruguay’s natural resources
are made up of fisheries, hydro power, and minor minerals.
Natural disasters have come few and far between for the people of Uruguay. Uruguayans
have become accustom to the warm summers and cool winters without much of either extreme.
Occasionally high winds and violent winds make up the “tormentas” which generally have been
seen as large storms. Uruguay is subject to possible flooding due to the fact that they are located on a
very low marine level and the highest point of the entire country is less than six hundred feet above
sea level. The Andes mountains do serve as a weather guardian for the country of Uruguay which
helps create a very stable climate. Due to the stable climate the number of known natural disasters is

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