Battle of Bunker Hill
Essay title: Battle of Bunker Hill
This battle was one of the earliest in the American Revolution. The battles name is a misnomer because the major part of the engagement was actually fought on Breeds Hill nearby. The place for this battle was in Charlestown, Massachusetts across the Charles River from Boston.

The British commanders for this engagement were General Thomas Gage and General Sir William Howe. These two generals were highly skilled in leading legions of British troops in battle. The Americans commanders were Colonel William Prescott, General Israel Putnam and Joseph Warren. These generals were fairly skilled in combat.

Here is the account of Bunker Hill. On June 16, 1775 ( at night ) more than 1,000 patriots (rebel fighters), under the command of General Prescott, marched to Breeds Hill over the Charlestown neck and fortified it with trenches, bales of cotton and hay by the morning of June 17. After they were done with this, General Israel Putnam took some men and began to fortify Bunker Hill.

Meanwhile in the town of Boston, the British Commander, General Gage just happened to see the Americans occupying the two hillshe ordered the British ships to start bombarding the Americans positions until the British troops could arrive. Soon after the order the British started moving troops to the east of Breeds hill from Boston.

Col. Prescotts men would be the first attacked. This was the first charge with British army on the east side of the hill with the secondary doing a straight attack. General Howes men lead the attack with 5,000 troops up the hill. But they were not alone; they were covered by cannon from British ships in the river. While this was going on, some of the British ships loaded their cannons with incendiary shells and

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