Discussion of a Rose for Emily
Essay title: Discussion of a Rose for Emily
A Rose for Emily
Respect, admiration, and fame from the general public can come at somewhat of a cost. The cost can be anything from a decrease in privacy to an actual effect on ones mental state. In this essay I will use the short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner to describe how general fame, no matter how large or small can be uplifting, but at the same time extremely destructive.

Emily is the most renowned lady in the town. Since she carries this type of status there is a strict reputation she must keep. As with today’s celebrities, they not only represent themselves, but there town as well. Ms. Emily is no exception. Since she was closely “guarded” by her father, she was rarely seen outside of the house and could never find a spouse suitable enough to meet her father’s standards. The unknown only fuels public curiosity.

When Emily’s father died she reeled with the loss. She was devastated that the only relationship she had ever formed was suddenly torn from her. Not knowing what to do with her life now, Emily tried to keep him with her, even though he was dead. Eventually, the townsmen took her fathers body away. Having been somewhat imprisoned for thirty years of her life, she began to realize the freedoms now in front of her.

The next step Emily took was to find a lover, something she had been unable to do because

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