Gm’s Career Advancment
Gm’s Career Advancment
Many people assume, or at least hope, that when they take a position in a company that they are not going to be in that same position for the entire life of their employment in that company. For this reason, companies often have in place a set of programs that will help employees that decide to pursue a career with their company to advance in position within that company. General Motors is a company that has these types of career advancement programs in place; along with many other programs to help ensure that those who are coming into the workplace have the knowledge necessary to excel within the company and the tasks that their jobs entail.

General Motors Corp. is an automobile manufacturing company that was founded in 1908. They currently are the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. They have manufacturing operations in over 70 countries, and employ about 325,000 to 400,000 people around the world. In order to provide for quality education they award scholarships towards education in automotive fields, as well as invest in colleges that offer degrees in related fields and even opened their own General Motors College, established in 1997.

General Motors created General Motors University to ensure that current employees are being kept up to date on current technological innovations. General Motors University was established in 1997, and its purpose is to educate their executives, management, technical and professional employees to help them keep up with advances in their fields and help to keep them in

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