General Mills Inc. (gis) Recommendation
General Mills Inc. (GIS) Recommendation
My recommendation is to buy stock from General Mills Inc. (GIS) because it is a large capitalization firm with stable and even growing dividends. This company has remained committed to enhancing shareholders returns through share repurchase and dividends. The market has been pretty consistent throughout the years and I believe will only continue to grow tremendously within the next several years.

General Mills Inc. has a definite variety of brand named products some which may include well known cereals, convenient dinner products, vegetables, soups, baking products, and so much more. They offer their sales of products to bakeries and food services such as restaurants, and also manage to sell product goods internationally as well.

General Mills Inc. is continuously introducing new products to the market to help improve in sales and also capture market share. They are also committing the company to growing its presence in other expanding markets around the world such as Brazil, Russia, China, etc. With this said, GIS future investment plan is to invest over $9 million in up and coming markets within the next year, as these markets are expected to take about 70% of the growing food industry. This will lead to a positive outcome for the market.

With strong, stable margins and growth in global sales, General Mills Inc. has rapidly increased its cashflow. With a company of this origin there will always be a demand for it. Of course through short term no one really knows what is going to happen to the stock market, but this is why I feel General Mills Inc. is a great company to buy stock from because it will only be more profitable and worth owning throughout the years to come. Being a long term holder will be a great investment.

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