Rainbow Group – Should the General Manager Be Fired?
Essay Preview: Rainbow Group – Should the General Manager Be Fired?
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Should the General Manager be fired?Case Analysis Report1.Statement of the Main ProblemKaiyuan Cheng, CEO of Rainbow Group is torn between giving Jie Chu another 3months as the General Manager of Hangzhou Company (a subsidiary of Rainbow Group)or grant the collective appeal of the 8 executives of Hangzhou Company to fire Jie Chu.2.SWOT- on giving Jie Chu another 3 months as a General Manager of Hangzhou Company∙Strengthsi.Jie Chu is being admired by her energy and strong will which the HangzhouCompany needed for its General Manager. She is very self-motivated andefficient in accomplishing tasks. She was the General Manager of ShanghaiEngineering Company, which had been the top performer among all subsidiariesof Rainbow Group for some years.ii.Jie Chu is the best candidate as the General Manager of Hangzhou Companywhich had been poorly operated because of her outstanding performance in theShanghai subsidiary.∙Weaknessi.Retaining Chu would mean the employees and the executives would have to dealwith the “strict” management nature of Chu as the General Manager.ii.Jie Chu is not open to different opinions and had not been a good team developerin the Shanghai subsidiary.iii.All the managers in Hangzhou had expressed their complaints and dissatisfactionand they all expected a very negative evaluation of Chu when the Head Officehad conducted a survey regarding Chu’s performance in Hangzhou Company.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Should the General Manager be Fired?Kevin MartinezEffective Leaders have the power to adapt to difficult situations without creating new problems. In this case we learn how Jie Chu was promoted to a general manager position with this lack of adaptability. The job of the general manager is to motivate their subordinates, a significant skill which Chu also lacked of. In my opinion, I think that Chu should’ve been fired. She lacked many skills that were required as a general manager. He was hurting the company instead of making it better. Her relationship with the vice GM at Hangzhou was immoral. They were always fighting because Chu was changing to many “standards” in the company. Implementing new ideals and new management styles within a company will always be difficult. People will have problems adapting to these ideals. This is one of the main reasons the company was not doing so well for the six months that Chu was in charge. She was too

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