Kudler Accounting System
Kudler Accounting System
Evelyn Daniels
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Accounting System 2
There are many reasons to consider when purchasing an accounting system for a business. Selecting a flexible and accessible accounting system will ensure the design will be useful for the business. With the help of an outside consulting firm, Kudler Fine Foods purchased and installed a Retail Enterprise Marketing System (REMS). The need to purchase only the modules to operate the retail stores made this system a cost efficient way to maintain their transactions into printable reports. The Finance and Accounting Financial Modules contain in the system are the general ledger module, accounts payable, and point of service module. The purpose of this paper is to explain how these modules can work together to create a well organized system that will help the company to observe their progress.

General Ledger
The General Ledger is the first module of the accounting system that displays all the key features. This module is the center key of the system and is where all the data is arrange. The general ledger provides information for the Finance and Accounting department for them to generate reports such as the multiple year reporting, transaction history, balance sheets, cash flow, and income statements. The information can then be used to monitor each individual store. Each report can help determine the marketing plans, inventory progress, and budgets in the store department level. There also will be a hand held computer to scan each item to keep inventory up-to-date. With this new system it will keep the inventory department to operate smoothly. The information in this module can automatically be generated through daily feedback from the other

Accounting System 3
Accounts Payable
The accounts payable module is used to maintain the business accounting needs. Accountants can track vendor information, print checks, deal with several bank accounts, handles the purchase of international orders, tax and shipping shares. The new software can keep track of huge orders and offer a secure link to the bank accounts to record the data. Within this module there are two sub-modules to manage their payroll and purchasing needs.


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