Same-Sex Couples Seeking Adoption: Deprivation and Arguments
Essay Preview: Same-Sex Couples Seeking Adoption: Deprivation and Arguments
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Same-Sex Couples Seeking Adoption: Deprivation and
1. Homophobia
2. Parenting Trends
3. Orphans
4. Kids with Gay Parents – Feelings
5. Kids with Gay Parents – Statistics
1. Homosexuals are not depraved individuals; being gay is not a mental disorder. As such, they are considered fully functioning members of society. They go to school, go to work, pay taxes, etc. There are no distinct qualifications for becoming a parent; however, most would suggest that a good parent possess the following characteristics: Responsible; Capable; Loving; Trustworthy; etc — none of which are exclusive to heterosexuals. So, if we can accept that homosexuals are for all intensive purposes equal to heterosexuals in their personalities and behavior (outside of sexual endeavors), then there is no good reason to deny them the right to have or adopt children. It would seem that whom one sleeps with is a personal choice that should have no bearing on their qualification for parenting. As such, it would be wrong to deny gay couples the same parenting rights as other people in society. To do so would be to exhibit blatant homophobia, or the idea that gay people would somehow make inferior parents. The only way to eradicate this absurd ideal would be exposure; people need to see that gay people are just as competent as straight people in being good parents. Moreover, exposure to the homosexual lifestyle would decrease homophobia and other bigotry in general.

2. Parenting is in no way limited to be between a childs biological mother and father. In fact, 1/3 of children in America are not raised in two-parent households [1]. Plus, the 2000 U. S. Census reports that 33% of lesbian couples, and 22% of gay male couples have at least one child under the age of 18 living in the home [2]. These statistics show us that the norms of society are changing; many children are indeed being raised by single parents or non-biological parents, including gay couples. Con would have the burden of proving that this is detrimental to these children and society at large.

3. There are currently 16.2 million double-orphans in the world today (children who have lost both of their parents) [3]. Rather than provide these millions of children with the opportunity to be raised in presumably loving and stable homes – as adoption agencies have criteria that applicant parents have to meet in order to be able to adopt – Con would rather have these children remain homeless and without families. Again, Con has the burden of proving that this is a better option than allowing gay parents to adopt. Furthermore, even on a CBA (cost benefit analysis), it would be more appropriate for these orphans to be placed into homes, as they currently tax the state in order to care for these unfortunate children.

4. As Ive mentioned, over 1/3 of lesbian households (and more than 1/5 of gay households) already have children. How do they feel about this reality? Jessey Levey, a Republican activist, has two gay moms and this is what he has to say:

“I am a well-adjusted heterosexual whose upbringing proves that love, not gender, makes a family My family had strong family values. I was raised in a loving, caring household that let me be a free thinker… Im tired of hearing that their family isnt legitimate” [4].

Others like Jesse share similar beliefs. I encourage Con to research children with gay parents online and read their stories; almost all of them contain POSITIVE feedback. The only ones that dont are from children whose parents have come out of the closet later on in life; in other words, they pretended to be straight and married heterosexually until they could no longer live up to that lie. I posit that it would be most beneficial for everyone if people could be open and honest about their sexuality from the beginning. Allowing gays to marry and have (adopt) children are the first steps towards overcoming homophobia and discouraging this type of hurtful dishonesty.

5. So how do kids with gay parents fare in terms of self-esteem and other development? Dr. Ellen Perrin reveals:
“The vast consensus of all the studies shows that children of same-sex parents do as well as children whose parents are heterosexual in every way — In some ways children of same-sex parents actually may have advantages over other family structures — They did better in discipline, self-esteem, and had less psychosocial difficulties at home and at school [2].” The same source also notes two other large studies finding that same-sex parents also had contact with extended family, social support, and had a more equitable division of labor in the home which led to a better up-bringing for the child.

Another new study by two University of Southern California sociologists says children with lesbian or gay parents show more empathy for social diversity, and are less confined by gender stereotypes. The study

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