Gay Marriage, an Oxymoron
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My Reaction Paper (Gay Marriage, an Oxymoron)
I have strong feelings toward this article I read. I have positive points then I have negative points. I can actually take both sides. Many people have their views on “same sex” marriages. It affects people world wide.

I can say that I agree with it not being approved for many reasons. Society basically has its morals. “Same Sex” marriages aren’t what you as a person first think of when you think of The United States of America. I’m a Christian, so either way you look at this I feel it’s wrong. I believe in the Bible and the Bible says there were Adam and Eve. In the Bible there was a male and female, not male and male, nor female and female. Life started with these two. They began society. They made kids and from then on continued to build what we call the world. The only way to make children then was with a man and a woman. The bible also said that pre-marital sex is a sin. Therefore MAN and WOMAN had to have sex after they were married for it to be right. This is how population was built. So there were no “same sex” relationships because having sex was how one increased population and this couldn’t be done without them being married. Being that it was that way then I feel as though it should be that way now. I see no reason why people of the same sex have an attraction with one another and get together. It changes how the whole world is looked at as a whole. Those of us that are religious, if we are to agree with this same sex marriage we would basically be saying “hey forget our religion and let us commit sin in Gods name”.

Americans have very strong feelings about this. People don’t feel that the whole gay thing is right. This is why they won’t approve of the marriage. How could they approve of the marriage when they don’t approve of the relationship? It’s not the norm. This isn’t something average for us Americans. As the article says Judeo-Christian morality informs our view of family life. The article also says that society cares about stability in heterosexual unions because it is critical for raising healthy children and transmitting the values that are the basis of our culture. I feel life is looked at as a mother a father and children basically the nuclear family. When there is a gay couple and they have a kid, it’s likely that the kid will grow up being made fun of and

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