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Unit 1 Individual Project
By Amber Clemens
English Composition II – Dr. Margarette Connor
Over the past years there have been many arguments surrounding gay marriage. These arguments also have led into disagreements with gay adoption and the definition of family. In this paper I will discuss how gay marriage is not affecting anyone elses lives. I will also discuss my own definition of family and how gay couples do not alter that definition at all. I will explain why I support gay marriage with logical reasoning and evidence based on my own knowledge and experiences. Lastly, I will bring up opposing views of gay marriage and explain why they are wrong or inaccurate.

There are many issues that have been argued for many years. One main issue is gay marriage, which has been passed in select states throughout the United States. There have been many different views of gay marriage and everyone is obligated to have their own opinion. However, some of the statements I have heard through my own personal experience have startled me. Is allowing two people to make a lifetime commitment to each other affecting or hurting anyone else? Gay couples are not ruining the definition of marriage or family, the people discriminating against them are.

When you think of the definition of marriage, what do you think of? Marriage is supposed to be forever, but from what I have seen lately marriage is just a game. Heterosexual couples have caused the divorce rate to climb so high, yet they are against gay marriage. Why should anyone be able to tell someone they cant get married, yet they are allowed to divorce and re-marry multiple times? Apparently knowing someone for less than an hour and getting married is legal also, yet a 10 year relationship between two men who truthfully love each other is not.

A lot of people argue that homosexuals choose the lifestyle they live. However, why would anybody choose to be discriminated against for the way they choose to love? Homosexuals dont have it easy. In most places they arent allowed to marry, adopt, and theyre looked down upon for wanting a family. Nobody would choose to be something that a large majority of the United States is against. I am sure most homosexuals wished they werent born gay, so they wouldnt have to go through all the hate.

A lot of people think gay couples should also not be allowed to raise children. They fear that they will raise that child in a gay environment and he or she will end up the same way. However do you realize that

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