Daisy and Gatsby’s Reunion
Essay Preview: Daisy and Gatsby’s Reunion
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Daisy and Gatsby’s reunionNick:  “Youre acting like a little boy. Daisy’s sitting in there all alone….”Gatsby:…my apologies old sport, this little arrangement must’ve taken up much of your time already… I will speak to her, [smiles] thank you. [Gatsby enters the room and makes eye contact with Daisy.]Gatsby: …Please, have a seat.Daisy: [smiles with content and speaks with disbelief] I can hardly believe it’s you…How long has it been?Gatsby: 5 years, if I recall correctly… it has been quite a while.Daisy: These antiques are beautiful. How did you lay your hands on these?Gatsby: [smiles and begins to motion toward her] An old friend gave them to me during the war. It’s amazing really, they’re one of a kind and I plan to keep them with me until the end of my days. Daisy: [takes a seat] Well, it’s unbelievable, to me, that you have managed to live in such luxury after the war and I always thought that I’d never see you again.Gatsby: Yes… I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think I was going to make it either, but I was determined to fulfill our promise.

Daisy: I can understand your struggles, but things haven’t all turned out the way that I expected them to be. Time has caught up to the both of us and paths were already chosen for us.Gatsby: I agree; however, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Our past does not determine our future, it is up to us to determine our fates.Daisy: I wish it were true, but…Gatsby: No need for this nonsense, I’m just have hope and content that we can finally continue where we left off.Daisy: I would like that, but when Tom finds out, our little crusade may be over.Gatsby: Don’t you worry, darling. I have befriended your cousin, Nick Carraway, and he is a very good man. He invited you over for me and I don’t think he will mind arranging certain times for the both of us in the future.Daisy: You’re saying that he can keep this a secret from Tom?Gatsby: Precisely…[Nick enters the room and finds them sitting closely to each other.]Daisy and Tom’s conversation.[Daisy sat alone at the kitchen table and soon she heard the door open, just to see Tom’s angry expression.]

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