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Gate Control Theory of Pain
Sarena BartleyPsychology CTWA February 9, 2018 Explain the gate control theory of pain.  Discuss Western medicine’s explanation of why acupuncture works using this theory. Discuss the psychological aspects which contribute to our perception of pain.Gate control is a non-painful input that closes a “gate” to input a pain, and with this is prevents pain sensation from it traveling to the central nervous system. The stimulation is by a non-noxious input with it to able a suppress pain. This has developed in the early 1600’s and has recognized its importance to this through the mind and brain. You can feel pain when pain messages small, slow- conduct nerve fibers that reach the gate and cause to open. The western medical acupuncture is a therapeutic that is involving an insertion of small needles. This stimulated the nervous system and is known modes will be including reflexes, segmental and other central nervous systems will be effected. It is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal pain, including myofascial trigger point pain. It is also effective for postoperative pain and nausea. Some of the aspects that can contribute to our perception of pain has been reported in a critical and experimental research. This is very important component of pain that can be treated with treatment. This reports its abilities to be using our thoughts to help modulate the pain and utilizes a complrtly separate brain pathway and then is used to send pain signals to your break and is a breakthough. Examples of pain could be when im on the court I could be having many floor burns, a jammed finger but I wouldn’t recognize it until after I am done with my game when my edrillian is down.

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