Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey
He was born august of 1887 in Saint Ann’s bay. He had a simple child hood with his white friend not knowing what it meant to be black or white at that time until the father of the with girl told him different at the age of fourteen after that he spent his whole life trying to prove he was just as good as white people. He left school at age 14 and became a printers apprentice and later he became a master printer and the put out his first news paper called Garveys watchmen.

In 1914 he read a book called up from slavery that changed his life. It brought new questions for him like where is the black peoples leader and where is their government.

In his quest to give his people these thing he met Amy Ashworth and the where the founders of the united Negro improvement association A.N.I.A. Amy soon became his love but do to his accounting problems the money the organization earned he spent on himself and he decided to jump a boat and head to America. In America he got a job as a printer.

After anti black riots African Americans had a silent march and Garvey thought it was no time to be silent and he spoke out with his Billy Sunday style speaking he caught the ears of his people.

In 1917 Garvey opened the first American U.N.I.A. Garvey toured the U.S. looking for donations in support of his organization he gave the black people hope. When you donated 35 cents you became apart of universal African legion when people joined it made even the lowest class pf black fell like higher beans in the U.A.L. uniforms. Their were even places for women and children and it was mainly the women that held them all together.

Garvey started a news paper call the Negro world newspaper it told people about their history and every addition

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