The Irony of a “peaceful” Hymn
Essay title: The Irony of a “peaceful” Hymn
For some the 1960s marked the end of traditional values and the beginning of an era of permissiveness. It was a time notorious for liberation movements, both political and sexual, social unrest, a widening gap between generations, drugs, and rock and roll. Indeed, the years of the 1960s were a time of change but along with this cultural revolution came a decade with a darker side, epitomized by the Vietnam conflict and the Civil Rights struggles. Perhaps one of the most important cultural aspects of this period was the radical change in music.

Cotemporary music of the 60s was deliberately provocative, challenging established values and societal structures. This period gave rise to many controversial artists who forced the public eye to critique the values of their generation. Some of the many musicians who sparked the cultural realizations of the 60s were Elvis Presley, with his “promiscuous” hip gyrations, Bob Dylan, who professed his conflicting opinions with tradition through lyrical poetry and Joan Baez, who layered her music with womens rights issues.

Simon and Garfunkels song “7 Oclock News/Silent Night” exemplifies the concern of music of the 1960s for the political and social issues. In their song, Simon and Garfunkel break the tranquility of a Christmas hymn by inserting a nightly

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