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When you see mars, it looks like a red ball, but its many feature almost same as earth gives it a name ” the most earth like planet”. Scientist believe that life can be possible on mars in next few hundred years because its climate is going to increase and they found some evidence that say liquid water existed at one time in mars . Mars was first seen by Babylonians and then NASA was the first to reach around it and they got many evidence that say mars has many things as same as earth but many things like atmosphere was different.

Mars was first seen by Babylonians around 400 B.C , they thought it was a star. After that Egyptians and Greeks saw it, they thought it was a bright object in the sky so Egyptians called it Mars Hars Decher and Greeks called it Ares and Roman called it Mars, there god of war. Mars

was not a very popular god in ancient Rome, but he had a shrine in the former royal place where his sacred spears were kept 1. A Danish astronomer made the actual calculation that where mars is in 1500s. Galileo Galilei was the first person to see mars with a telescope 1609. Mars is a fourth planet from the sun and it rotates around the sun in earth 687 days and rotates around its axis in 24 hours and 40 minutes. Mars is about ј of the earths size and 1/10 the mass. There has been many ships to mars in last 40 years.

Many countries have sent spaceships to mars to study the planet. Two-third failed and some spaceships was able to complete their mission. Part of this high failure rate can be ascribed to technical problems, but enough have either failed or lost communications for no apparent reason that some researchers half-jokingly speak of an Earth- Mars ” Bermuda Triangle” , or a mars curse 2. The first spaceship to reach near the planet was Nasas Mariner 4 lunched in 1964. The first successful object to land on surface of mars was two soviet probes in 1971. After that many spaceship was launched towards Mars. In 2001 Nasas Mars Odyssey orbiter has noticed deposit of water ice and ESAs Beagle 2 has detected methane in Mars atmosphere. By many experiments in space scientists believe that liquid water existed at some time in mars. They predicted that life can be possible in next few hundred years. The only things that holding life in mars is its atmosphere .

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