Social Entrepreneur Project – by Galen Welsch
JIBU`S – Social Entrepreneur Project – by Galen WelschStudent: Paulo Lahr – 301051166Centennial CollegeProfessor: Rathika Sitsabaiesan INTL 711-002Executive Summary This report describes the significant results that the young Galen Welsch have been achieving with his determination, dedication and courage to change the world. In addition to, the report also will describe how the Galen co-founded Jibu in 2012 and under his leadership, Jibu has quickly become a social franchise bringing affordable drinking water access to thousands of people in East Africa.The GC&E Report identifies the ways the young social entrepreneur has used to achieve the concepts of citizenship and equity.In conclusion, the report also teaches and inspires all of us to do something for the better world.        It all began after that Galen Welsch completed his graduation in International Relations and English, he was felling lost and did not know what to do, but realized his immaturity to face the challenges of the world. Its objectives were to identify who he was and how he could help create a better world.        To achieve his goals, he realized that it was necessary to lose or getting outside his comfort zone to teaching you about himself, so he decided to join at Peace Corps in Marocco. The three things he learned about himself were, how creat a sharpened intuition, understood about worldview and how feeds ideas.        You may or may not know, but 90% of the underserved urban market in East Africa can simply not afford to purchase clean, safe drinking water, which causes over 3 millions deaths every year. Galen Welsch and his father Randy Welsch cientes que charity doesn’t work, have decided to attempt to solve this problem by creating JIBU in 2012. Through valuable social franchises, the Jibus mission is to train and finance to creating African entrepreneurs to solve their communities challenges, equipping these entrepreneurs to sell drinking water.        Apparently the JIBU is a company that follows a simple model, its provide local entrepreneurs with a kit to cleaner, purify and bottle water. But in fact, JIBU is much more than that, It affects and improves peoples quality of life from most affected and disadvantaged communities of Africa because with your business model create meaningful opportunities and pathways to business ownership for the population in those countries.        Galens goal has always been greater than simply ending the shortage of pure water, he also hoping to reach a 55% quota of women franchisee, which would promote their emancipation and enable them to provide for their families.

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