Applying Psychology to Work – Designing a Portfolio
APPLYING PSYCHOLOGY TO WORKDESIGNING A PORTFOLIOFINAL – the complete portfolioComplete each section of the document, you can use the original portfolio sections created in portfolios 1-4 as a start. Then compare your original efforts to the “gold standard” version.Analyse the job advertisementThe role is: Commercial Accountant, OptusIt was advertised (when and where): Seek on August 6th.Now list below the KSAOs required for the role: KnowledgeKnowledge on auditing– in order to perform stocktake and check remittancesAccounting principle– to reconcile accounts and check cash positionKnowledge on using Pronto—get report from system and reconcile with external providers ti ensure stock is received and accurately reflected in ProntoGeneral understanding of the economic environmentTertiary qualification in accountingGood command of English—be able to communicate with colleagues and customers fluentlySkillsExcel and financial modelling skills—use excel sheet to conduct reconciliation and make reports to supervisorStrong numerical skills– to solve complex mathematical issues and understand numerical and graphical informationPresentation skills-be able to present findings to manager clearly, can present reconciliation sheet to supplier clearly, be able to give understandable training lessons to new staffCritical thinking skills—In order to make judgement on whether fraud happensActive learning—Actively gain work required knowledge within short time periodAbilitiesGood communication skills—communicate preventative and detective controls to minimise fraud instancesBeing good at monitoring—observation of company stores and perform store auditsPrudence—Reconcile remittances and ensure non-remittance are cleared on a timely basisProvide training—capability of training new staffOther qualitiesTime management—in order to finish assigned work before deadlineBeing able to provide outstanding customer serviceCapable of working under pressure-handle things calmly under pressureBeing able to work in a team environment—work efficiently in a team, finish assigned work and help each otherNow go back and identify the top 6 KSAOs that the job is likely to require. In reality you cannot address everything in your resume and its important to tailor a response for each job you apply for.

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