Effective Team Leader – Grand Hyatt Branded Hotels
To form a successful team is not enough just simply bring people together, team members will not be able working effectively as a team and making the right decision by themselves. Successful team is necessarily needs to base on trust, respect, communication, helpfulness and friendliness.( ezinearticles.com,2010)

Listening is same important as speaking. It involves paying full attention on what the speaker said, seeking to interpret it. For the body language used to show full attention and transfer your own words or feeling into body language, the most effective way to express what you need to say is to combine body language with communication.( interlinktc.com,2010)

An effective team leader always looks to team for answers and welcome suggestions and challenges. Leader need to be able to work under pressure, stay calm when facing difficulties. Moreover, be able to deal with conflict by negotiation.

On April 20 ,2008 the fourth Grand Hyatt branded hotels officially opened in Guangzhou, following Grand Hyatt hotels in Beijing and Shanghai, it located in the new citys business district of Tianhe , Pearl River New Town.

In Guangzhou, it is the first international five-star hotel to feature of the “sky lobby” which located 22 floors up, ,it offers to the guest a magnificent landscape brought by the extraordinary views of Pearl River Park and the Tianhe Business District. In order to tangibilize service, it is important to have a nice physical environment which the hotel has 375 guestrooms are beautifully designed with clear lines, smooth, simple and bright color, using the luxurious materials.

All restaurants and bars feature magnificent sweeping city views. To meet customers satisfaction, a unique lounge of the whole city— Guanxi Lounge is located on a suspended bridge connecting the main hotel towers of north and south. With this unique location and the surrounding fashion design, it definitely became hotels representative restaurant. “G” named G-grill restaurant and bar also located in this floor, focuses on high quality ingredients such as seafood and meat, chooses wood-fired ovens to cook, in order to bring top- level cuisine for the guest to enjoy.

The hotels meeting facilities are located on the third floor, providing more than 1000 square meters of multi-purpose meeting space, as well as wireless broadband Internet access and Wi-Fi facilities for hosting meetings and conferences, large banquets and luxury of the ideal wedding venue, in order to have good mix of group and transient reservation, leads to increase target market.(asiatraveltips.com,2008)

Public Relations
“Public relations is the management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization

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