The Jetsons: Family of the Future and Future Predictors Fahrenheit 451
Mac Hulse
9th Honors Lit.
August 28, 2012
The Jetsons: Family of the Future and Future Predictors
The Jetsons are a typical family of the future. The show was set in the year of 2062; this “unrealistic” fantasy made in 1962 might not have been as crazy as we thought. Many of the futuristic inventions of the show have either already been invented, or are well on their way to being made. The Jetsons far-fetched visions might not have been as irrational as we once believed.

Many of The Jetsons predictions were correct but there were a few that were not. Although, most of the incorrect predictions will soon be a reality, such as video chat watches. Technological advancements, such as Skype and FaceTime have been invented which are similar to video chat watches. The most obvious false prediction is that The Jetsons live in space. In the next 50 years who knows if we will be living in space. We have already had humans on the moon, and are researching other planets. Even this drastic prediction might not be as far off as we believed. So as you might see even the most far-fetched prediction might not be as crazy as we had once assumed.(Astros Top Secret, episode 12 season 1)

The Jetsons got most of their ideas of the future correct. Such as The Jetsons invention of the TeleViewer, it is similar to todays iPad. The TeleViewer represented the prediction of paper products like books and newspapers turning into a more digital form of media. Today we have the iPad which you can read books, newspapers, and magazines on. As you can see the TeleViewer from The Jetsons is very similar to todays iPad. (

Another correct prediction of The Jetsons was the tanning bed. In an episode of The Jetsons an extremely prosperous business man went to his very own tanning bed in which the intensity of the light was classified by island cities such as Honolulu and Miami. The actual invention of the tanning bed was not brought to America until at least a decade later. This is yet another correct prediction of The Jetsons. (

A less ordinary, yet still prevalent invention is the vacuuming robot shown in The Jetsons. It is very similar to the iRobot Roomba machine that was invented only a few years ago. This invention if you had not heard of it had much commercial airtime a few years back. The characters in The Jetsons would always complain about challenging chores that they had to complete, when all they typically had to do was press a button. In many ways our society is becoming like this. We can communicate with others by touching a phone screen; and even turn on some cars with the push of a button. As you can already see The Jetsons way of life is not as far-fetched or incomprehensible

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