Blue Eye Technology – Future of Computers
Future of Computers
Lavanya Rajsekaran
Artificial intelligence aims in creating intelligence to the “Machines”. Intelligence alone cannot make a machine perfect; even then it can only perform the work it is designed for. But they never understood the perceptions or emotions of Human beings. Blue Eye Technology now aims at incorporating these perceptions and sensory abilities into the computational machines. Machines will be more powerful, effective and helpful if they even have a little of these perceptions in them. In future, we might see in reality of a computer playing your favorite movie, songs or photos to cheer you up. You might just check your mails by asking your computer, or call your friends by telling the computer to make the call for you. Those which were considered to be a science fiction will be reality soon enough with the help of this technology. Cars with emotional intelligence can reduce the number of accidents, by judging the emotional state of the driver and help him driving safely. The technology aims to enable these perceptions in machines by using natural inputs like facial expressions. This technology has a power to change the future of the world.

“A computer on every desk” – was the vision of Bill gates when he started Microsoft. The vision has now become the almost reality of the present world. As technologies evolve, old ones are replaced by the new ones. Like Floppies were got ridden by Cds and Pen drives, Walkman which almost dominated the market for a long time is dead now because of mp3 players and iPods. Similarly prospective future of Computers is Blue Eye Technology. Since nineties, the world has seen a rapid change because of computers. It has changed the way the world was working before and has brought us to a scenario where no business can be called big and successful without computers in them as a part of it.

Animal survival depends on highly developed sensory abilities. Likewise human cognition depends on highly developed abilities to perceive, integrate and interpret visual, auditory and touch information. If such perceptions are added to computers even in a small fraction, definitely computers would become even more powerful than they are today. Also they can help human beings in much more better manner. Blue Eye aims at creating the perceptual and sensual abilities to computers [1].

IBM scientists, at Almaden Research Center (ARC) in San Jose, the main IBM research laboratory, are trying to enable the computers to listen to our speech, sense our gaze and read our body language since 1997. Affective Computing research combines engineering

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