Furious Love: A Documentary
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Furious Love: A Documentary
Linda Shutske
Communication Theory and Research
Furious Love: A Documentary
What is the essence of human nature? (Description of the Theory)
The narrative paradigm is based on five concepts, according to Walter Fisher. These are: “1. People are essentially storytellers. 2. We make decisions on the basis of good reasons, which vary depending on the communication situation, media, and genre (philosophical, technical, rhetorical, or artistic). 3. History, biography, culture, and character determine what we consider good reasons. 4. Narrative rationality is determined by the coherence and fidelity of our stories. 5. The world is a set of stories from which we choose, and thus constantly re-create, our lives.” (Griffin pg. 302)

Walter Fishers narrative paradigm states that “people are storytelling animals.” (Griffin pg. 298) The way that people view their lives and surroundings is through story. Not only is life viewed as a story, but it is understood through story. (Falk) The way that people recall past events or choose to paint their futures is through the art of storytelling. An important part of this communication theory is to see that there are two parts, the narrative and the paradigm. To give a very brief and broad definition, the narrative is the story and the paradigm is the way that a person views this story. There are many perspectives to a story, so the way that it is viewed is key. Many people view life, their narrative, through their past and things that have already happened to them. Though there are many similar stories, no two people have exactly the same story. The paradigm is essential for communication because it holds the interpretation of the narrative by a thread. Consider looking through a microscope, if ones eye is not positioned in the perfect spot, only blackness is seen. Finding an element that lines up the paradigm with the environment allows the narrative to be properly understood.

“Narrative rationality is determined by the coherence and fidelity of our stories.” (Griffin pg. 302) A big deterrent to the Christian faith is that its followers do not live lives coherent with what the word of God speaks. Christians are quick to judge and hold people to unattainable standards when Gods own words tell us that love is above all else. “I think weve made this relationship with God not a relationship at all, but a requirement.” (Dawkins) Falk, in an article discussing Fishers narrative says, “Readers are less likely to believe and trust stories with unreliable characters.” There must be a correlation between what people say and what they do in order to make them a reliable part of the narrative. In the instance of Furious Love, what Christians say and what they do has to line up or else they become unbelievable.

Walter Fisher believes that human communication is based on more than the rational and curious within. Fisher believes “that we are narrative beings who experience and comprehend life as a series of ongoing narratives, as conflicts, characters, beginnings, middles, and ends.” (Griffin pg. 298) Furious Love seeks to prove that it is love and only love that is the way to tie each of these together. Furious Love even takes another leap to say that it is love that can surpass doubt, fear, and unbelief to prove the truth of who God is. Referring to the example given earlier, the paradigm is portrayed as each individuals perspective on life. The environment is society. Love is the element that lines those two up so that God can be made visible. Furious Love tests this philosophy by exploring the farthest reaches of the globe and simply loving people. Through love, demons are cast out, people are healed, and lives literally are changed.

What does love look like? (Description of the Artifact)
Furious Love is a documentary that came as a sequel to The Finger of God. Before Darren Wilson was even finished working on The Finger of God, he felt the call for Furious Love. The Lord had given Wilson two specific instructions when it came to Furious Love: “1. show the world the reality of the war between darkness and light and 2. show that the only way we can win this war is through love.” (Wilson) Filming for Furious Love began in July of 2008. Wilson was sure that he would be able to capture the war stricken lands on the earth, but he did not know how he was going to convey love on film. After filming over 200 hours worth of stories, Wilson locked himself away in his studio and began seeking the Holy Spirit about how to put this film together that would answer the call he was given. The year that filming was completed, 2009, the Lord also put on Wilsons heart to make the church the movie theatre which is exactly how Furious Love was released. “On February 14, 2010, Furious Love was unveiled to the world in over 500 churches in 19 countries.” (Wilson)

The film brought a challenge to the church. Is the church living as a true representation of Christ and what He stood for, or has it become a religious forum of dos and donts? Furious Love offered a new, realistic outlook on what Christianity is. It taught a new way to pray, to pray love instead of an agenda. It is love that compels people to move forward to places they would not normally go, not of their own desires. Robby Dawkins shared one particular time that he prayed with a girl. He shared that he prayed for God to show her his love because it is Gods love that invites people into relationship with him. Furious Love puts the presence of God on display showing that the powers of darkness can in no way move or work while in the presence of God. Testimonies are heard right in the movie itself of the actual moments when God has moved in peoples lives. Not only that, but there have been thousands of salivations that have come just from watching God move in Furious Love. (Wilson)

For so long, the story of someone who wants to call themselves a lover of God has looked like one of perfection. A life of perfection

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