Four Functions of Management
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Any organization, whether new or old, whether small or big need to run smoothly and achieve the goals and objectives which it has set forth. There are basically four management concepts that allow any organization to handle the tactical, planned and set decisions. The four basic functions of management are just to have a controlled plan over the preventive measure. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the four functions of management; which are planning, organizing, leading, controlling and how each of these functions relates to my current organization.

Planning is the process that management uses to accomplish the objectives of a business. The most common objective is to make money and planning defines how to get there. Examples would be what kind of business, or whether to expand to other products or concentrate on a narrower field, to grow by acquisitions or not to grow, to assist employees to further their career goals, to be socially or environmentally conscious, to have multiple locations or not. As a manager in my organization, I have used planning in multiple ways. One way in particular stands out regarding employee performance. Patrick is a very competent employee who does not have performance issues

that are in need correction. Active planning for Patrick will help him in my role as supervisor, so that goals can be set for him to achieve a supervisory position.

Organization is the process of deciding on the internal structure. The plans would include how to divide the work between managers by function; how to coordinate between departments; how to control each division of work, and what kind of people are needed at each level. Staffing is an important element including recruiting, hiring and training of people whose positions were defined in the organizational structure. It requires decisions about prior experience, compensation, benefits, evaluation and delegation. Once a year our organization is hectic as we are buzzing around trying to complete our department budgets. For this year in particular, I need to purchase some very expensive equipment that is going to help the employees perform better; which is also an asset to the organization as a whole. The safety deposit boxes will increase our profit module after some time. In organizing, I am preparing resources to do such a task as I am an important part of this company and I would like for all to benefit.

Leading is implementation of the how to reach the desired goals by influencing behavior through motivation, communication and discipline. It is a two-way street when managers help other employees to accomplish their own career goals. Leaders and managers alike who communicate clearly, consistently and credibly benefit from lower turnover; lower absenteeism; fewer grievances; and better coordination both inside and outside the organization. During times of uncertainty, interpersonal risk managers articulate a clear vision of the companys future, including the benefits of change to the bottom line. By creating recognizable milestones for their employees to track, they replace fear with optimism. Interpersonal

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