The Big Bang
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The Big Bang
My lesson about playing with fire was a hard one learned. That one summer day so long ago was one of the longest
days in my life. The morning was a normal one. The afternoon was when things started to heat up. That night was one I thought
would never end.That morning was one just like any other summer day. The sun was bright and warm. We also had family in from
Colorado. My Aunt and Uncle were there with my two cousins. They were planning on staying with us the entire summer. My
parents had just installed a 4 1/2 foot above ground swimming pool for all of us to enjoy that summer.
That afternoon every body was up and busy doing their own things. My brother and I were out in the neighborhood playing
with our friends. When we came home for lunch my dad asked us to unload his truck and put everything in the shed. My parents,
aunt and uncle were leaving to go out for the evening. They were leaving us in the care of my cousins
who are several years older than us. After we had lunch and my parents had left, my brother and I started to unload the truck.
I grabbed the first load and headed for the shed. I was in the shed putting things away for about ten minutes. My brother was
still not back there with another load. I went around the front of the house looking for him when I saw a flash.
As I reached the driveway I saw my brother just as he was throwing another match on the driveway. When the match
hit the concrete a flare of fire leaped up about five foot and was gone just as fast as it appeared. I immediately forgot
about unloading the truck and joined my brother. He explained to me how it worked. He handed me a five-pound can of gunpowder
and told me to pour a small pile out on the driveway. After I did and back away he tore out another match from the pack,
struck it and threw it on the pile of powder. Again the flash leaped from the driveway. We continued this way, with me
pouring and him throwing the match, until we were down to the second to last match. We had to figure out a way to
continue before we were out of matches. We had it. We noticed that when the powder had burned off the match would
still be laying there burning. My brother suggested that we simply pour some on the match. Without thinking it through
another second, I tilted the can and began to pour the powder. Everything that happened after that was a blur. I remember
running backward as fast as I could, still holding onto the can. I threw the can away from me just as it exploded. A blinding
flash filled my head as a crushing boom emptied the air from my lungs. I fell to the ground and remember hearing, as clear
as a bell, the metal ends of the canister bouncing

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