The Fritos Ad
Essay Preview: The Fritos Ad
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What is it about an advertisement that makes us feel or believe our lives would be better if we had the product advertised? The advertising industry has a role in this world to capture us, the reader, and find a way to get us to believe that by purchasing their product our lives will be made better in some way. The Fritos ad I have chosen to analysis uses being 100% American corn as a strong selling point. The ad focuses on the chips being American made in terms of quality; almost stating that if it wasn’t American corn made the chips would not be good and fun. Through American prestige and honor, the creator of the ad attempts to sell Fritos to any and all audiences possible.

At first glance, the advertisement for “Fritos” s appears simple. The majority of the ad is a color photograph showing an American man in excellent physical condition. The man is dressed in jeans, linen shirt, and a baseball cap. The man is carry a harvest basket filled with bags of Fritos. The man in the ad is smiling as if he had just won a medal. Behind him is a lush green field of corn and two other farmers dressed in almost the same apparel without hats. One is a middle aged woman and the other is a dark haired middle aged man. Both the farmers in the background are examining more harvest baskets filled with Fritos which are loaded on the back of a flatbed truck. On the bottom of the ad is an old wooden fence which comes up to knee level of the closest farmer with the baseball cap. Written on the fence, in the lower left section in yellow, the words; “Proudly grown in the USA”.

As the reader continues observing the ad, it is clear that part of the message is regarding quality. The author states that by using 100% percent American corn that Fritos are clearly superior quality and backed by American corn farmers. The ad shows this in more than one way as well. The author uses the fellow farmers in the background. It shows them inspecting the bags of chips almost as if they were inspecting produce of some sort for its ripeness and quality. America has been known for its quality of goods and services throughout the ages. By using the American name the author is able to get the message that they use only the best of the best for their product and are very proud of it.

At another glance the words “0g Tran’s fat” stand out

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