Jack the Ripper Case
September 21, 1888
​I fear these may be the last words I ever write. My name is Elizabeth Stone. If anyone should ever find this I hope to give you some insight into the nightmare of the man who is “Jack the Ripper”. I may not be the most prominent of women however I am a woman and I matter. I hope this letter can reach the authorities to help catch this monster. I am writing as fast as I can I fear he will return soon.

​My night started like many others. I was casually strolling through the side streets of the little town Whitechapel. Yes, I am a prostitute. I am used to having many gentleman come up to me asking for my services. I was with one of my sister women of the night when we were both approached by a man. There was nothing disturbing about him from afar. He was average height with a mustache. He was dressed in a fine tailored suit, he was the kind of man who looked like money. “How much?,” he asked.

I hadn’t eaten in 3 days nor had my friend Marie. We offered him a two woman special. We simply needed enough to buy a meal for the night and maybe a safe place to sleep at an inn.

​He smiled as he held out a hand to each of us all the while assuring us he would gladly give us our weight in gold. He promised it would be a night we would never forget. We followed him arm in arm. He seemed almost pleasant in a strange way. He led us through the streets and finally stopped pulling us into a back door of a residence. He led us down the stairs to a basement. Before we knew what was happening he locked the door and we were trapped.

​Laying before us was a pile of human remains clearly recent.
​“If you scream, your death will be as painful as hers.”, he said.
​He continued, “Both of you unlace each other’s corsets, remove your petticoats, and anything else you whores have on to hide your disgusting true nature.”

​My friend Marie, turned to me and we did as we were told. He told my friend Marie to lay down on a table he had set up with surgical tools beside it. Horrified she cried and resisted. Without hesitation he slit her throat right in front of me and proceeded

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