Intimacy Vs. Isolation Case
Essay Preview: Intimacy Vs. Isolation Case
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– Eriksons Stage #1 – Intimacy vs. Isolation- Carter Chambers was married to his dear wife, Virginia, for 45 years he had a happy marriage and a wonderful family but, Mr. Chambers felt as if something was missing. He explained that for the last forty five years of his life were mostly dedicated to his family and wife, now he wants to have time for himself and do the things he always wanted to do, but didnt get a chance to do. Even though his friend Edward Cole was a billionaire; he also felt as if there was something missing out of his life, he had a lot of money and many divorces, and a daughter that he has not spoken with, that didnt make him feel like he had the true meaning to life.

#2- Disenfranchised Grief from Chapter 17.6: After telling his wife that he not only is going to stop fighting cancer, Carter also alerts her of his newly found plan to leave with whom she calls a “stranger” to do something he says he knows she “wont understand”. After storming out of their hospital room she tells Edward, who was waiting outside the entire time foreseeing this reaction, that her “husband is not for sale!” This is the epitome of what Kenneth Doka was explaining on page 567 when saying that this stage of grief is one thats not fully recognized or appreciated by other people which will in turn cause people to not connect or show sympathy and support. He relates this to homosexual/pet relationships but this applies to Edward since Carters wife doesnt recognize his love or relationship in the form of friendship and grief since its not something she can fathom a complete stranger whos not kin having toward her husband. Edward is not only feeling grief for his friend but for the friendship he knows will end when either he or his newly found friend pass away. This is reinforced in a later scene after Edward speaks with Carters wife while Carters in the tub after a problem with his chest catheter showing that Edward feels guilty for having made this list and separating him from his wife but he loves Carter and struggles to see whats best to do for him. He cant determine if taking him back home like his wife asked is better than staying and living out the bucket list they made together until the very end.

#3- Common Features of Integrating Post formal Ideas from Chapter 7.5: Upon arriving at the mountain Carters waited all his life to climb, Edwards assistant, Thomas, alerts them of a storm preventing their ability to ascend the peak. This causes Edward to question not only his friends health but this event as a “sign” or bad omen signifying that they should return home and wait until Carter I better and the skys clear again. Due to the fact that hes both frustrated and feels time running out, Carter gets angry and defensive towards Edwards simple implication that hes too

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