Hack A Coke Machine
Essay Preview: Hack A Coke Machine
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Coke vending machines are everywhere. Theyre getting more and more like regular computers with LEDs that show little “ICE COLD” messages and whatnot. Well, theres a lot more to those little built-in computers than you may think. Included in the low-level operating system that these babies run on is an actual debug menu that gives you access to all sorts of machine information and possibly gives you free cokes in older machines.

Theres a very strict list of vending machines that have the debug menu. First off, theyre all COCA-COLA product vending machines. This means the giant, un-missable picture on the front must show any of the following: Coke, Dasani (Water), Barqs Root Beer, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Evlan (water), Fanta, Fresca, Frutopia, Hi-C, Sprite Remix, Mad River, Mello Yello, Minute Maid, Nestea, Odwalla, Mr. Pibb/Pibb Xtra, Planet Java, Power Ade, Seagrams Ginger Ale, Simply Orange, Sparkletts, or Tab. Of course anything Diet or Caffeine free works too.

The machine must have an LED screen. Some of the older ones just allow the LED to be set to a price amount and wont have the debug menu. Youre safer if the little LED is telling you something. Usually it will scroll a little message like “Ice Cold Cokes”. Newer machines are more likely candidates.

To enter the menu, theres a button combination. HERES THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO REALLY REMEMBER:
The buttons are numbered depending on how they are positioned. They will either be vertical (more likely), or in horizontal rows of 4 buttons per row. If it is vertical, the first

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