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Fatimid Foundation is a non profit organization related to health sector of Pakistan. Fatimid Foundation was established as a Non Profit Organization by late Mr. Nazim Jiwa in 1979 in Karachi. The major aim of establishing this Organization was to provide cost free blood/blood components to patients suffering from various chronic blood disorders requiring blood/blood component therapy as an essential part of their treatment.

The vision and mission statements of Fatimid foundation include providing first class quality blood banking and hematological services safely & competitively to mustahiq patients and the community at large and to ensure the use of FDA approved high quality material and equipments for the treatment of thalassaemia, haemophilia and other genetic blood disorders..

Its history goes back to small room on the pavement of Britto Road, Karachi, Pakistan that has gradually blossomed into the largest voluntary health care and blood transfusion service providing thousands of bags of healthy fully screened blood and blood products each month to its thousands of patients (majority of whom are children) suffering from dreadful blood disorders i.e. thalassaemia, hemophilia and other blood disorders.

Today Fatimid centres are located in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Multan. Plans are under way to open new centres in other cities in Pakistan.
Fatimid Foundation is affiliated with the: World Federation of Haemophilia ,International Society of Blood Transfusion and Thalassaemia International Federation. Their remarkable contribution in health sector related to blood problems in Pakistan has always been appreciated. They are raising public awarness constantly and as for their mission they came to LUMS a month back for collection of blood for Thalassaemia patients.

Providing of specialised services for patients with blood disorders at a blood transfusion service centre is a rare phenomenon

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