Motivation Is the Key to a Successful Business
Essay Preview: Motivation Is the Key to a Successful Business
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Motivation is the key to a successful business. According to Arnold (1988), the word motivation suggests energetic behavior directed toward some goal – the process of moving a person toward some action. Motivation is not about the amount of effort; it has to do with the direction and quality of that effort (Arnold, 1988). In this paper the writer will summarize the main argument of “Motivation: Turning Theory Into Practice”. The writer will critique the article and analyze whether it is useful to scholar-practitioners.

The Summary
This writer chose an article that not only talks about motivation, but is also defines the principle of practicing the different theories. This article talks about four psychologists with four different methods of motivation. Abraham Maslow provided a theory in the mid 1950s that stated according to Arnold (1998), a person basic needs acts as motivators. Frederick Herzberg sees motivation theory as a two-step theory regarding motivation. According to Arnold (1998), Herzberg found that there were five main factors that caused job satisfaction: achievement, recognition, work itself, and responsibility. The other part of Herzberg theory according to Arnold (1998), is hygiene factors, factors that relate to the environment in which work is performed and include such items as company policy, supervision, interpersonal relations, salary, and general working conditions. David McCleeland believed his theory begins with high achievers. According to Arnold (1998), in order for organizations to succeed they must “invest in a man, not just in a plan”. Then there is the contemporary approach to motivation that according to Arnold (1998), Douglas McGregor describes a modern style of management that provides a balance between control and individual freedom.

The Article
This writer believes this is a very interesting article because these theories are used more so than not. Depending on the diversity of the company it will enable management to use one of the four theories. The writer believes while Maslow uses the need-based theory, most companies show empathy for their employee, but one must remember there is a business to run. Herzberg two-step theoriy seem more pratical because every employee wants to achieve, be recognized, and advance. Where as David McClelland theory converts back to Manslows theory, the one tool he adds

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