Farewell to Arms
Essay Preview: Farewell to Arms
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Between the covers of Ernest Hemingways book A Farewell to Arms lies a bold
character named Frederic Henry. Henry is able to live through everything, even World War I. He is also very strong physically and emotionally. He is also able to keep his head on his shoulder and recover from any illness he acquires through the book. Ernest Hemingway made Frederic Henry one of the superior characters in the novel.

Frederic Henry is a character who could endure the plot physically and emotionally Henry was a character that is built in order to survive World War I. Near the beginning of the novel, he is injured in his knee from a shell, but that does not restrict his ability to move forward in his quests. A few weeks following the surgery, he is back in on the front line. He is one of the who does not complain while suffering the retreat through the muddy field, though his knee was sore. His head even collided with a train, yet he kept pushing on. He is a rough and tough lieutenant of ambulance drivers.

Frederic Henry has a stronger will to live tha the other characters in A Farewell to Arms. He even ran from both the Italian army and the enemies. He has the endurance to live through the entire novel, even though Catherine Barkley (his wife) passes away. He is able to extend hi life past all the emotional and physical injuries he suffered through his experiences during World War I. Henry is able to swim an icy cold river and hitch a ride on a train to live to the end of the story. He has the will to live through the book and he did just that.

Emotionally he could deal with anything Hemingway put in front of him. He was able to walk out of the hospital after dealing with the fact that his wife died from hemorrhaging and his new born baby didnt even get to take a first breath. Emotionally he is able to shoot at his allies without breaking up afterward. He was also able to deal with his friend almost going insane from working too hard through the war. Frederic Henry had one of the strongest emotional thresholds out of any character in A Farewell to Arms.

Frederic Henry showed his superiority throughout Ernest Hemingways novel, A Farewell to Arms. Henry was able to endure anything thrown at him. He made his way through physical injuries and emotional challenges that most everyday people could not deal with. Henry was one of the strongest protagonist in A Farewell

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