Determination of a Chemical Formula
Determination of a Chemical Formula
Lisandra Garcia
6th period
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How to be able to determine the formula of an ionic compound by determining the ratio of its constituent ions. Chemical compounds form when two or more different elements are chemically combined, the law of definite composition says that compounds will always be formed when certain elements combine in fixed whole number ratios. The only way to determine a formula for a compound is to experimentally determine the ratio by its parts. There are two types of compounds there are covalent and ionic compounds. Covalent compounds are formed when two non-metals interrelate and share their valence electrons. Also covalent compounds form molecules, and each atom attains a full octet in its correct valence shell. As for ionic bonds those are formed when electrons are taken from an alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, or transition metal by a non-metal. The action causes the atoms to become charged, by that the atoms become ions. The opposite charges then interact to form an ionic bond. Some compounds can dissolve in water, which are called soluble compounds, which are separate ions in solution. Compounds that do not dissolve in water are called insoluble compounds and are part of the precipitate. Using a solubility rules table to make predictions about what pairs of ions will form precipitates. It was predicted that the products name will be Iron(III) Hydroxide based on the solubility rule that all hydroxides are insoluble. Also the predicted ratio of Iron(III) nitrate to sodium hydroxide will be 3:1 based on the charge fe(OH)3. Also electrons also need to be balanced in order for the elements to be stable. All things in chemistry usually want to have the lowest energy.

Copper(II) chloride solution,CuCl2,12mL
Metric ruler
Iron(III) nitrate solution, Fe(NO3)3, 12mL
Pipets, this stem, 4

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