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Prejudice is the attitude or prejudging, usually in a negative way. This word has commonly been used in certain restricted contexts, particularly in the expression racial prejudice’. Usually it is referred to as making a judgment about a person based on their race, before receiving information about the particular issue that the person is being judged for. This word is also used to refer to any hostile attitude towards people based on their race. Consequently the word has come to be widely so interpreted in this way in contexts other than those relating to race.

There are many forms of prejudice that are used with many cultures throughout the world today. One of the forms is called discrimination. Discrimination is the action that someone portrays when they are prejudice it is also an act of unfair treatment directed against an individual or group of people because one feels superior to the other. An example of prejudice discrimination was during the Holocaust of the Second World War. The holocaust was started when the Nazi group thought their race was a dominant group to all other races and culture. They killed millions of Jews and various others showing their prejudice discrimination towards all other culture. Other examples of prejudice groups that are in America today are the Ku Klux Klan, gangs such as the Hispanic MS13, and the black gang such as the Bloods. All of these prejudice groups believe that they can discriminate to any of the cultures that are set apart from them. These prejudice groups of people believe just like the Nazis believed that race is real and that their color of race is the best and that they have the right to show their hate towards others that are not to their ethnicity.

They are numerous forms of being prejudice. There are many prejudice people against others with a handicap or have a disability. That prejudice person may fell this way because that person with a disability appears different and may not be able to communicate with others like the able person can do. Even in some places the elderly discriminate against the younger others. Another form of prejudice is the rich or higher class people of society. This group of people will discriminate against the lower class because they don’t meet the social standard. Some people also believe that they are born with a prejudices nature. A lot of people believe such things because someone probably taught them from birth to act and treat others different that was not like them or not of the same

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