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A project plan is based on the specifications based on information given by the customers or stakeholders. Specifications are more than likely to require modifications due to requirements, cost, or scheduled changes. It is imperative the project manager (PM) develop a process to monitor and ensure the impact of the changes do not effect the success of the project. This paper will include two change control reports that will show how the project will be monitored and a project change will be controlled.

Figure 1.1
Figure 1.2
The first change control (refer to figure 1.1 and 1.2) report monitors the requirements change, results of the change and controls the requirement changes by showing the initial impact analysis, and results. This form shows and example of a requirements change made by the client. This form shows detailed information about requested information, and the review results of the change impact. It also gives an analysis of the cost, schedule, and resources that may be affected by the change.

Figure 2.1
Figure 2.1 shows another change control form used for new functional changes or technical difficulties that may happen. This form provides the description of the request, justification, and offers alternatives. However, a section of an analysis impact is not included. This time of form is very useful for unexpected technical changes the Client Manager and Human Resources Manager may encounter.

To ensure that delay or risk of failure is prevented in the case modifications are required to a change control request, here are protocols that can be used to control changes to the project:

• All recommended changes must be made in writing. This begins an audit trail
that ends when the recommendation is either accepted or rejected. An audit trail
documents the sequences of events involving a change in the project plan.
• The project manager must review the recommendation, validate the request, and

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