Lp4 Criminal Investigation
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Wanted in Farmers Branch Texas a federal criminal investigator, also called a Special agent, immediately. Seeking trained agent between ages of 21 and 37. Excellent physical health, and non-smoker. Experience in federal criminal investigation.  Job DetailsInvestigate crimes such as homicides, burglaries, sexual assault, and money laundering.Interviewing informants, witnesses and possible suspects.Follow up on leads, checking time frames, alibis, and clues.Collect and use forensic evidence to solve crimes.Keep detailed records, maintain detail records, and file paperwork.Bag evidence and secure evidence. Send to proper department. Gather specimens to laboratory for DNA identityRun fingerprints through the database for matches.Process crimes scenes and prepare documents for documentation.Prepare forms investigation reports.Have prepared sketches and diagrams.Pass a background test.  Attend autopsies and make notes on findings.Must be determine to look for clues and evidence whether a crime as taken place.Pore over public documents, complaints, and other data in an attempt to identify fraud and another financial crimes Purpose of PositionPrevent crimes and punish the offenders. And to protect the community. Make Farmers Branch a safe secure place to live. Investigate crimes in the Farmers Branch area.  Must be determined to look for clues and evidence whether a crime as taken place. Must be able to protect people from scammers like Ponzi and other ethics or law violationsCore SkillsStop and prevent potential crime in Farmers Branch and the US.Communicate clearly, effectively and accurately.   Good with peopleDetailed records and follow up.Need sharp analytical skills.Should testify in criminal and civil court cases, present findings to top executives, law enforcement, or regulators and maintain relationships with law enforcement agents and regulators.Essential Functions and ResponsibilitiesMust be able to work long hours.  Follow up on leadsShould be required to bag evidence and send it to the departmentDesirable TraitsGood with peopleRequires at least 2 years of related experience.Most have proof of high moral character through references.Must agree to a code of ethics and pass an exam.Must pass in depth background check.  Will be fingerprinted.Most communicate clearly, effectively and accurately.Organized and neatFollow upKeeps good recordsWorks well with other departmentsMost have valid driving license with clean driving record.Pass agency-mandated medical exams, drug test and a background investigation.Ability to gain and maintain a top secret clearance.Physical RequirementsMost be physically fit and mentally healthyMust be emotionally stable Must have keen eyesight EducationBachelors’ Degree in Law EnforcementTwo years of Criminal Justice classesPrefer classes and training in finance, forensic science or another related concentrations.ExperiencesMost have training on Firearms qualification, handling evidences, safe driving, narcotics, and prevent terrorism attacks.Investigator must have background in numerous fields, such as accounting, auditing, compliance and criminal justice. Experience with the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering compliance.    Certificates or LicensesMost be trained through the federal Law Enforcement Training Center, FLETC or Homeland security.Certified Financial Crimes InvestigatorCertified Fraud Examiner  Must be trained in investigative techniques, defensive driving, narcotics, counter terrorismMost understand the federal and state law enforcement regulations. Must gave Licensed to carry a gunTypes of Cases Investigated in Local AreaFarmer Branch local area explains the following investigated cases. Which is in the following in the below.

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