Should Foreign Workers Be Banned in Malaysia?
I. Introduction
Thesis statement: This essay will show that on the contrary, foreign workers bring a lot of benefits to a developing country like Malaysia.
II. Body
A) Economic View
1. Foreign workers from labor surplus countries do help Malaysia to solve the problem of labor shortage.
(a) Foreign workers normally will work in low paid field because the locals chose to work in higher salary jobs.
(b) The foreign workers are being describe as the workers who “fill in the gap”
2. Foreign workers help employers to gain annual profit.
(a) Some foreign workers who are low skilled provide cheap labors
(b) This allow the employers to cut down cost and raise their ability in competing with
the other company.
3. Presence of foreign workers improve the competitiveness between all the workers in
Malaysia and indirectly improve the quality of the workers.
(a) As job is getting difficult for the locals to get because of the inflow of foreign
workers, so they improve their personal knowledge or skills in order to get a job
4. Inflow of foreign workers are slowly changing from the Malay traders workers into
their competitors made the local Malays worried about their presence in Malaysia
B) Social View
1. Inflow of foreign workers especially the higher educated people do improve the society
of one country.
(a) Educated people can help the country to promote knowledge, ex: universities hire
professors from overseas to teach in Malaysia.
(b) When everyone is educated, crimes rates in that particular country would decrease.
2. Inflow of highly skilled foreign workers can improve the science technology of Malaysia..

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