Eating Phase
For the first phase, forty years ago, people make reservation by fixed telephone, and sometimes they even have to go directly to the restaurant in advance for reservation. However, nowadays, people make reservation mainly by mobile phone. So, how about the following forty years? Will people still make reservation by calling? Even I’m not hundred percent sure, but there is a really high probability that online reservation will emerge and become more and more popular. So as a family top-class restaurant, they should concern about this.

Then, eating phase means customer arrived, enjoying the environment and eating food. They did quite well in this part. Only suggestion might be providing extra area where we can sit on chairs instead of sitting on the ground. However, this may be arguable. If their strategy is only maintaining exactly Korean traditional restaurant, that’s fine. Or, if they want to adopt foreign way or adopting foreign customers’ behavior and providing foreign customer expected service, that is, at least, not a bad idea.

Moreover, post-eating phase means when customer left the restaurant. I believe, so far, none of us who went to the restaurant last class received any post-eating service from that restaurant, even a simple greeting. So, next time, I may or may not go there, since even though taste is important, but relationship with waiter or owner, as well as convenience, is also very important. I may prefer to go somewhere that I familiar with. I understand that most small restaurant don’t provide after-sale services, however, if they want to become better or real successful century-old shop, they’d better to be long-term oriented by providing after-sale services. Especially, they want to compete with restaurant in other district.

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