The Ford Mustang
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The Ford Mustang
The U.S. is a land of people on the move. When the Mustang was
introduced it was an instant sucess. The Mustang appealed to a wide variety
of people. Sports car lovers liked the sporty look, young drivers liked the
“four-on-the-floor” and bucket seat options, and women liked the interior and the
convertible. This car had a wide range of options for just about everyone. And
finally, the Mustang came with and affordable price.
The Mustang was presented to the public on April 17, 1964.
Some people refer to the cars made in 1964 as 1964 1/2 model. Others
refer to it as the early 1965 model. In March of 1966, the one millionth Mustang was
Ford Motor Company predicted they would sell 100,000 Mustangs in
the first year of production. But, to their surprise, they sold 100,000 cars in
the first 4 months. On the first day 22,000 orders were taken.
The original Mustang was a fast, sporty looking car. Ford Motor Company
considered names of other animals before deciding on the Mustang. Other
names considered were Special Falcon, T-Bird II, and Thunderbird II. John
Conley, of Fords ad agency, was a man who liked horses. He suggested a
series of Ford cars named after horses. These cars included the Colt,
Bronco, Pinto, and Maverick.
Lee Iacocca was an executive at Ford Motor Company. He wanted to produce
a Ford automobile to compete with the European sports cars and also be a car

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