Strategic Management on Samsung
ContentIntroduction                                                                                2PESTEL Analysis On General Environment                                                2Political Factors                                                                        2Economic Factors                                                                        2Social-Culture Factors                                                                3Technological Factors                                                                3Porter’s Five Forces Analysis On Competitive Environment                                3Intensity of Rivalry Among Competitors                                                4The Threats of New Entrants                                                        4The Threats of Substitute Products Or Services                                        4Bargaining Power of Suppliers                                                        4Bargaining Power Of Customers                                                        5Internal Environment Analysis                                                                 5Resource-Based Analysis                                                                5Firms Capability Analysis                                                        5SWOT Analysis                                                                                6External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) of SEC                                6Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) of SEC                                7Recommendations                                                                        8Conclusion                                                                                8Reference                                                                                        9IntroductionSamsung Electronics company (SEC) founded in 1969. Its  headquarter lie in the capital of South Korea – Seoul. SEC is one of the world biggest electronic chips and components producers. It provides the NAND flash memory, DRAM electronic chips, Active-Matrix OLED, and etc. In addition, SEC is world biggest electronic products providers specialized in the making of various electronic areas such as mobile phone, camera, computer, digital video device, mp3 device and etc (Samsung, 2012). In the year of 2013, Samsung was listed as the 20th in the Fortune Global 500 Companies with a total revenue of over $148 billion, grossing profits over $12 billion, claiming their place as the number one company related to the electronic product industry (Fortune 500, 2013).

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