Food Inc. – Film Review
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Food Inc. Film Review
Food, Inc. is a hard-hitting documentary that portrays the lamentable facts of the existing food industry practice. Industrialization of food worsens everything, however it is still the main stream of food production. Why? There is only one answer to that: it brings huge profits to big food corporations, which are the monopoly of the food market. Deplorably, these large and powerful corporations put profits ahead of consumer health and well-being. In order to reduce cost, they use corn instead of grass to feed the cows and they hire illegal immigrants as the food industry workforce. Also, they treat animals cruelly and slaughter them in an inhumane way. Since food is not managed in good condition, disease is spread among animals and even among humans. Because of money, the food corporations lose their conscience.

Though it seems that the food corporations exert huge control over the nations food supply, we should not forget that the ultimate power remains in the purchasing habits of us–the consumer. The solutions to bring about a change to this lamentable situation are not easy, but maybe if we alter our eating habit a bit (eat less meat and more organic food), the way of production may not be the same as now. Therefore, dont think that a little effort cant change anything. We have a choice to choose what we consume, where it comes from. This film is a wake up call for consumers like us: we should buy food from companies that respect people, animals and the environment. If everyone bears some responsibility to alter the situation, then there will be glimmers of light and hope in the near future.

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