Marketing Plan Web-Based Food Delivery Service
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY“Home sweet home” is a web-based company, which deals with the brokerage of home-delivery services in general. Focusing predominantly on food delivery HSH has a project larger in scope for the future, creating a single web portal for any service that will be then delivered directly to the home. The scope of the company is to facilitate people’s daily life and needs, affording clients more time to organize their commitments and the free time.The company was established in 2013 and is presently the only catering for home-delivery services such in Ticino.Currently the principle service is food delivery; the order is processed through a web portal, transmitted to HSH’s local affiliate restaurants, and the food is picked up by a HSH’s delivery man, which will bring it to the customer’s address.Due to Lugano’s size the only delivery services on offer are operated personally by local restaurants, therefore HSH has no formal competitors in the market. This gives a huge advantage to the company in creating the market and in keeping the business qualitatively sustainable.BRAND NAME & FUTURE PROJECTSHome sweet home is a brand name that transmits effectively the company’s goals.Food delivery is just a first step of a wider project, with the company looking to expand into more delivery services like laundry, cleaning and delivery of goods from shops and various suppliers (like pharmacies, supermarkets, wineries etc..).SERVICE DESCRIPTIONFOOD DELIVERYOrders are principally made via website, or via phone call. Here are the steps:After typing the name of your area, or the CAP code, a list of available restaurants, fast-foods and bars will be shown. It is also possible to search on the website by food category.After ordering, the customer has the possibility to choose:If the delivery should be sent immediately or at a prefixed date and timeIf the order customer will collect the order personally.The order will be delivered by a specialized delivery-automobile, which can accommodate either hot or cold food and beverage.FOOD TRUCKDuring June and July 2015 Lugano city organized a “Street Food Festival”, for this HSH rented a food truck with a purpose to promote their service and create brand recognition in Lugano. The idea allowed the company to arouse people’s interest, offering a specialized fusion food tasting menu.Specialties ranging from Salmon Burgers to Fried Shrimps and Strawberry breeze Pancakes not only attracted new customers and broadened the company’s notoriety, but also offered new varieties of food to the Luganese market. The company hired a chef specializing in fusion foods for the event.

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